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The Crone family has been making artisan cider, apple juice and cider vinegar for over 25 years and throughout this time we have continued to use traditional methods. We have had Soil Association Organic Certification from the outset and endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint at every opportunity.

Critical acclaim

Our Apple Juice won the BEST NON ALCOHOLIC ORGANIC BEVERAGE at the Soil Association Organic Food Awards three years running and was runner up in two.

We use local organic apples grown to organic standards and hand grade the fruit  to ensure a consistent high quality. Our apple juice is preserved using low temperature pasteurisation with no added preservatives. Our cider matured for a minimum of a year before being sold and cleared using a painstaking racking process. Our cider vinegar is created using a vinegar mother and the passage of time and it is bottled in its live state to maximise the potential health benefits. Our cider has won a number of accolades across the years, most recently winning East Anglia’s best cider, and listed within CAMRA’s top 12 UK ciders.


Crone’s cider is a traditional cider made from dessert apples, cookers, and cider apples. We use only organically grown fruit and no chemicals or concentrate. The freshly pressed juice is fermented and the resulting Cider and Perry is allowed to mature and clear naturally.  The only thing added is a small amount of unrefined organic cane sugar.